Permanent exhibitions

The upper galleries of the Iziko Slave Lodge are open to the public. The majority of these exhibitions are older displays which showcase some highlights from our ceramics, silverware and Egyptology collections to name a few. These exhibitions do not focus on the history of the slavery in South Africa.

A selection of ceramics from various parts of the world can be enjoyed in the ceramics gallery. This includes early Chinese ceramics, such as examples of Tang dynasty (618-907) grave goods, and subtly glazed wares such as Jun, Ding and Celadon. South African wares on show include Ceramic Studio and Linn Ware objects made at Olifantsfontein during the first half of the 20th century, as well as contemporary works.

The silver gallery shows a range of domestic and commemorative objects of Cape, English, Malaysian and Russian origin. The Mullne Collection of Cape silver, on loan from the Northern Flagship Institution in Pretoria, is also on show.

In the coming years we wish to transform these galleries to draw links to national heritage and history.