Thalassa Matthews

Thalassa is a curator at Iziko museums of South Africa, she continues to research the micromammals from a number of palaeontological and archaeological sites from all over South Africa. 

Research Areas

 Current research encompasses a large number of national and international collaborations and covers archaeological and palaeontological fossil sites from four south coast, three west coast, two east coast, and two Cradle of Humankind (Gauteng province) sites, and covers glacial/interglacial epochs from MIS (Marine Isotope Stage) 6 to MIS 1. I am also involved in on-going research into the frog and micromammal fossils from the 5 million year old site of Langebaanweg, now the site of the West Coast Fossil Park

Research aims to unravel the interwoven threads of climate change, geomorphology, and oceanography, by utilizing taxonomic and taphonomic studies of fossil micromammal and frog assemblages to study the response of terrestrial ecosystems to glacial/interglacial cycles along the South African coast, and interior. This research also aims to elucidate patterns of micromammalian and anuran (frog) evolution and migration from the early Pliocene to the present.