Dr Gerald Klinghardt

Dr Gerald Klinghardt is a social anthropologist and has been with Iziko Museums of South Africa since 1983. His current research work covers the historiography of processes in the formation of cultural patterns and identities in the populations of the arid and semi-arid regions of southern Africa. This is being done through long-term diasynchronic field and archival studies of the effects of missions, mines, government agencies, farms, demographic change and urban/rural migration cycles on the development of past and present communities in Namaqualand, southern Namibia and the Western Cape, and how these have been expressed in social and material terms in the context of the politics of similarity and difference as forms of resistance to the coercive and hegemonic forces of globalization.

Research Areas
  • Cultural patterns and the formation of identities in indigenous and settler populations and their descendant communities.
  • Settlement patterns and land use in arid and semi-arid environments.
  • Pastoralists and sedentarization.
  • Indigenous African technologies.
  • Christianity in Africa.
  • Slavery in Africa.
  • Social history of planned model communities.
  • Practices of dress and social identities.