Drawing from the Collection

Iziko South African National Gallery

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Opens Friday, 20 September 2019

Drawing from the Collection showcases a variety of drawings and works on paper from the Permanent Collection of the Iziko South African National Gallery (ISANG). Comprising both unknown and prominent visual artists working in different styles, the eclectic show stretches across time and place to provide an overview of drawing as a medium. The exhibition opens ahead of Iziko’s annual In_Herit FESTIVAL – which runs from the 23 – 29 September 2019.

Drawing from the Collection demonstrates the open nature and complexity of this undervalued and often overlooked medium.  Drawing is often regarded as a form of draft rather than a fully realised work. Drawing, which pre-dates writing, has always been a vital component of visual art – one that is central to the heritage of humanity. In many ways, it offers an undiluted and immediate form of expression, most effective for representing the visual handwriting of the artist.

The diverse techniques and approaches presented in Drawing from the Collection offer a complex answer to the basic question: what does it mean to draw? There are playful sketches, meticulous illustrations and drawings executed as preliminary to another work; there are detailed landscapes that are still recognisable and images of urban spaces that have changed dramatically; architectural, design and fashion drawings; portraits that capture the personality of the sitters and cartoons that lampoon people. The show also plays with the fine lines between the definitions and acts of painting, drawing and printmaking.

Some works have not seen the light of day in decades, others have never been shown at ISANG, and many usual ‘favourites’ will be included.

Drawing from the Collection comes as a fantastic opportunity for the public to see what is in the national collection; and to engage with one of the largest and most diverse collections at ISANG, which, in many ways, mirror the history of South Africa and ISANG’s collecting policies over the past century.

The Iziko South African National Gallery is open daily from 09h00 until 17h00, and will have free entry for the duration of the In_Herit FESTIVAL 2019 – from the 23 until 29 September.


HENTIE VAN DER MERWE (b.1972, South African)
Red watercolour paint on paper
Acc. No: 2008/45



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