Walkabout with Gabrielle Goliath and panel discussion for This song is for…

Coming soon to the Iziko South African National Gallery – Standard Bank Young Artist award winner for Visual Art, Gabrielle Goliath’s This song is for… opens on Friday, 25 October 2019.

Presented as an immersive audio and video installation, the exhibition is made up of a unique collection of dedication songs – playing sequentially, and each one chosen by a survivor of rape. These songs are of personal significance to the survivors – songs that take them back to a particular time and place, evoking a sensory world of memory and feeling. As collaborators on the project, the survivors shared not only their songs, but also a colour of their choosing and a written reflection. Goliath also worked in close collaboration with a group of women and gender-queer led musical ensembles to reinterpret and re-perform the chosen songs.

Speaking to the work, Goliath reflects: “In a work like This song is for… I am seeking to resist the violence through which black, brown, feminine, queer and vulnerable bodies are routinely objectified, in the ways they are imaged, written about, spoken about… What I have in mind is a more empathic interaction.”


Time11h00 – 13h00

RSVP to Shameem Adams at sadams@iziko.org.za to reserve your spot.

Anthea Pockroy. Gabrielle Goliath, This song is for…
​​​​​​Installation view at Standard Bank Gallery, 2019.