Reflection and Restoration – unearthing our Social Histories

Wednesday, 23 September 2020 at 13:00

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Reflect on the roots, histories and communities of the enslaved with Iziko Assistant Curator, Linda Mbeki, and bring into memory records from the extensive VOC archives; uncover new research of the ‘Silo Wreck’ vessel’s remains with Iziko Collections Manager, Jake Harding; and understand the impact of sustained heritage conservation for future generations with Iziko Conservator, Bradley Mottie. 




Linda Mbeki – Assistant Curator

What do different archives tell us about the enslaved experience in the VOC world?

How did enslaved persons come to be at the Cape? Were their circumstances similar or different? The extensive VOC archive can help shed light on these questions about enslaved persons. Also viewing the skeleton as an archive can lead to insights that neither archive alone can provide. Learn about migration, diet and community in a slave society.



dJake Harding – Collections Manager

More than meets the eye: The V&A Grain Silo Shipwreck

It's not every day that you find a shipwreck on dry land. In 2012, construction crews working at the V&A Waterfront grain silo discovered the remains of a shipwreck. The remains of this 'Silo Wreck' were given over to Iziko Museums for conservation and storage and became a part of the Museum's collections. Now, research is hoping to uncover what the Silo Wreck can tell us about both the vessel itself and the historical world through which it sailed.

saBradley Mottie – Conservator

Heritage Conservation Advocacy

The sense of unquestionable moral duty for conserving heritage for future generations is a concept deeply embedded in the DNA of heritage. This duty is genetically transferred from one generation to another in a particular community, but can be only be sustained if preserved in a professional manner for enjoyment as a cohesive resource for future generations to understand the past and navigate the future.