Permian to early Jurassic Fossil Collection

Approximately 6500 vertebrates (including 400 type specimens), mainly synapsids that have been collected from the main Karoo Basin over the past 150 years. There are good study collections of Mid-Late Permian taxa including  Dinocephalia, Dicynodontia, Gorgonopsia, Therocephalia,  Cynodontia and Captorhinida. These include numerous fully prepared near complete skeletons of Pristerognathus, Diictodon, Pareiasaurus , Rhachiocephalus, Galesaurus and Thrinaxodon. More recent acquisitions include a 'nest' of juvenileYoungina, 2 “dwarf” pareiasaur skeletons, a complete skull of the unusual parrot-beaked dicynodont Dinanomodon, and a large collection of bone-bearing therapsid coprolites.

Over 500 accurately-provenenced vertebrate specimens collected from the Permo-Triassic boundary sequence in the Karoo Basin, as part of Roger Smith’s research project, will eventually be accessioned.

A significant collection of Mesozoic dicynodonts, archosauromorphs(including the types of Euparkeria ), dinosaurs (including the types of rare early ornithischians Heterodontosaurus and Eocurser) and numerous mammalian and non-mammalian cynodonts from the Stormberg Group.