Words of Slaves: Places of Memory

  • Location: Slave Lodge
  • From: January 16, 2013     To: November 30, 2013
Words of Slaves: Places of Memory
Words of Slaves installation, Photograph by Rosca Warries

Words of Slaves: Places of Memory,traverses the continent of Africa, the Caribbean Islands and Europe. The exhibition documents and summarises some 400 years of history and the legacy of the Atlantic slave trade.   

Discover prize-winning, French photographer, Philippe Monges’ five year journey of the enslavement of people from the African interior, coastal slave forts, journeys of death, exploitation and decimation of slaves in the colonial sugar plantations of the Caribbean, resistance, fight and escape of slaves and the wealthy and grand homes of European slave traders in Nantes and other French towns.

This exhibition visually portray landscapes still bearing traces or ‘memories’ of those traumatic events, whilst trying to capture some of the voices of the slaves as they recount their experiences and feelings.

Words of Slaves: Places of Memory, complements the story of the Indian Ocean slave trade – an integral part of Cape Dutch slavery.




This exhibition is part of the French Season in South Africa 2012, an initiative that aims to strengthen relations between France and South Africa, and to create an environment in which each nation supports the other from a cultural, commercial and social perspective. It does this by creating an awareness of French culture in South Africa through a planned series of events and exhibitions.


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