Under Cover of Darkness

  • From: September 26, 2018     To: October 21, 2019
Under Cover of Darkness

The exhibition Under Cover of Darkness aims to highlight the experience of colonial subjects through a specific focus on the lives of three women - ‘Susanna of Bengal’, Krotoa and an as yet unidentified other  - by intervening in the Slave Lodge, a symbolically laden site. The exhibition further seeks to surface questions concerning how such histories continue to bear on the present.

‘Susanna of Bengal ’ was a slave who worked in the Company’s Gardens - in 1669 she was tried and sentenced to death by the colonial administration for the purported murder of her infant daughter under uncertain circumstances.

Krotoa - niece of Autshumao, a Khoi leader - was taken into van Riebeeck’s household as a child. Having learnt to master both Dutch and Portugese, Kratoa’s intimate understanding of both Khoikhoi and Dutch culture saw her occupy a complex social and political position under colonial rule.

A number of slave woman were held at the Lodge yet many of them remain unnamed. Little more is known than where they came from and when they died; this exhibition will engage with issues of such invisibility.

ELEGY/ Noluvo Swelindawo 2017. Gabrielle Goliath. Performance, installation view, ICA Live Art Festival,
Cape Town. To be staged in Under Cover of Darkness, ISL. Image courtesy of ICA.

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