Singing Freedom: Music and the struggle against apartheid

  • Location: Slave Lodge
  • From: March 21, 2014     To: April 30, 2017
Singing Freedom: Music and the struggle against apartheid

Music played a vital role during the struggle against apartheid. The melodies, carried in the hearts of people, served as calls to action, inspired, encouraged and motivated. Freedom songs provide a window into the history of the organisations, events and individuals that were part of the liberation struggle.

The exhibition demonstrates how events such as the 1952 Defiance Campaign, the Sharpeville Massacre and the Soweto Uprisings were accompanied by, and often also memorialized, through song. A host of stories are encompassed within the broader narrative of freedom songs. Oral history interviews, conducted by the curators with a range of former activists and with musicians, provide an opportunity to hear the testimonies and anecdotes of those who were intimately involved in some of the events and activities explored in the exhibition.

The exhibition also focuses on some of the musicians and bands from different musical genres who used their music as a voice against oppression.

Explore some of the freedom songs and music that accompanied South Africa’s journey towards democracy. Singing Freedom - an exhibition that celebrates through music the undying yearning for freedom that characterized the resistance against apartheid.

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