Red in the Rainbow

  • Location: Slave Lodge
  • From: July 25, 2015     To: April 30, 2017
Red in the Rainbow

Venue: Iziko Slave Lodge
Date: 25 July 2015 to end April 2017

Red in the Rainbow is an exhibition based on Lynn Carneson’s book, Red in the Rainbow: The Life and Times of Fred and Sarah Carneson. The exhibition, which includes artworks by Ruth Carneson, tells thestory of the Carneson family, who were anti-apartheid activists. Using prison documents, prison letters, photographs and posters, Red in the Rainbow provides insight into the struggles and sacrifices ofpolitical activists during apartheid, while also demonstrating their resilience and undying hopefor a democratic future.

Enquiries: Paul Tichmann, Tel. 021 467 7215 or email

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