Exhibition: Ghoema & Glitter: New Year Carnival in Cape Town Redux

  • Location: Slave Lodge
  • From: December 1, 2014     To: April 30, 2015
Exhibition: Ghoema & Glitter: New Year Carnival in Cape Town Redux

Venue: Iziko Slave Lodge
Date: Currently on show until 30 April 2015

Iziko Social History Collections department presents Ghoema & Glitter: New Year Carnival in Cape Town Redux. The exhibition showcases a unique aspect of Cape Town and South Africa’s history and culture.

Cape Town’s New Year Carnival is rooted in the history of slavery and the development of early working class communities in the City. It was later influenced, inter alia, by the visits of blackface minstrel entertainment groups from the USA. The Carnival’s formal beginnings as a competition date back over a hundred years (1907).

‘Tweede Nuwe Jaar’ Carnival is a significant aspect of the social history of Cape Town and continues today to form part of the City’s cultural landscape. Ghoema & Glitter reveals how Carnival participation has been passed on from generation to generation, while simultaneously tracing changes to the Carnival over time. The exhibition details the histories and performances of the Nagtroepe (Malay Choirs); Christmas Bands and Klopse, who together make up what we understand as the ‘Tweede Nuwe Jaar’ celebrations.

The significance of Carnival as a celebration within the context of changing expressions of history and identity is represented. A striking study of the conflation of social life, race and politics, identity, ritual, popular culture and negotiating the everyday in South Africa’s past, can all be found in the story of Carnival. The exhibition draws on Iziko Social History’s oral history and Carnival collections, which are included in the narrative.

Ghoema & Glitter runs at the Iziko Slave Lodge until the end of April 2015. The exhibition can be seen Monday toSaturday from 10h00 to 17h00. Closed Sundays, Worker’s Day and Christmas Day.

Submission fees: Adults, R30; students & pensioners with valid SA cards, R15; Children under 18 years, R15; and children under 5, free entry. Booked school groups pay R5 per learner.

For enquiries, contact Shanaaz Galant on 021 467 7214, or e-mail sgalant@iziko.org.za Alternatively, contact Nomapatho Mesele on 021 467 7218 or e-mail nmesele@iziko.org.za.

Images: Carina Beyer - Iziko Photographer-

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