William Fehr Collection at the Castle of Good Hope

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The Castle of Good Hope is a beautifully restored fortress built after 1665 by the Dutch East India Company (VOC). It is Cape Town's oldest building. Housed within its massive stone walls are the magnificent national treasures that make up the William Fehr Collection. It is an artistic mirror of life and culture across Southern Africa and beyond. Superb oils and watercolours, graphics, fine furniture, silver, glass and much more reflect some of the lasting contributions of those who helped make South African history between 1500 and 1900. The Collection has been displayed at the Castle for nearly half a century, while many other pictures and objects are shown at the nearby town house Rust en Vreugd.

The Castle offers a range of original and versatile venues, each with a unique atmosphere. Galleries and rooms of widely differing sizes are suitable for receptions, launches, conferences, luncheons and dinners. Views of Cape Town and Table Mountain from the bastions are simply breathtaking.



Castle of Good Hope, Buitenkant Street, Cape Town

Lady Anne Banqueting room and Pasques de Chavonnes

Capacity and configuration

Room Reception Banquet Boardroom Dimensions Height
Lady Anne Banqueting Room   102   7,2m x 39m 3m
Pasques de Chavonnes Room 50 26 20 8,5m x 6,9m 3,5m

British Officer's Mess and Good Hope Gallery

Capacity and configuration

Room Theatre Classroom Reception Banquet Boardroom Dimensions Height
Good Hope Gallery 250 150 400   250 40m x 6m 2,5m
British Officer's Mess 100 60 120 90 40 14m x 7m 5m

Study Centre and Courtyard

Capacity and configuration

Room Theatre Reception Banquet Boardroom Dimensions Height
Study Centre 60 40   15 6,2m x 2,3m 2,5m

British Officer's Mess
Good Hope Gallery
Study Centre Photo: A Proust








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