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Evening sky in MAY 2015

The constellation of the Scorpion (Scorpius) above the south-eastern horizon, heralds the arrival of winter. According to Greek legend the Scorpion is in pursuit of Orion, the Hunter, whose constellation is rapidly disappearing in the west. By 21:00 the three stars that form Orion's Belt have set vertically, directly in the west. Two bright stars, Sirius and Procyon, indicate the position of the Dogs, faithfully following the Hunter. Towards the north appearing upside down is the constellation of Leo, the Lion, with the bright star, Regulus, at the heart of the Lion. Directly below it is Leo Minor, the Lesser Lion, a small, faint constellation. Below Leo Minor, partly obscured by the horizon, is Ursa Major (Great Bear), a well-known constellation in northern hemisphere skies. Crux (Southern Cross) is virtually upright high above the southern horizon, with the bright stars, Alpha and Beta Centauri, the Pointers, a little to the east.

Planet Venus appears as the bright evening star in Gemini (Twins) but has set by 21:00. Planet Jupiter is in Cancer (Crab) and planet Saturn is in Scorpius.

The Moon is in the evening sky until 7 May and again from 21 May.





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