Current shows

Davy Dragon’s Guide to the Night Sky

Come and join Davy Dragon while he learns all about the sky above so that he can fulfil his dream of becoming the world’s best flying dragon! This is a playful introduction to astronomy especially for the under 10s. Just right for inquiring young minds.

Until 27 September
Saturday - 12:00
Sunday - 12:00

Especially for children aged 5 – 10

Davy Dragon and the Star City

Davy Dragon has just won the prize for the dragon who made the best progress in flying. As a reward, his mother decides to make Davy his favourite pudding, but as the recipe requires milk, she sends him to buy some. While on his way, Davy discovers what his address really is. Why don’t you join him and see what he found out?

24 September only
11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00 & 15:00

Especially for children aged 5 year and older

The Sky Tonight

An interesting live lecture on the current night sky is presented every Saturday and Sunday. You will receive a star map and be shown where to find the constellations and planets that are visible this month.

Saturday - 13:00
Sunday - 13:00 

Suitable for teenagers & adults

The Endless Horizon

Exploration through the ages

In this presentation, we concentrate on the great ages of exploration and focus on explorers who typify each era, from the seafarers of old to the modern day space explorers. We join Columbus, Dias, Da Gama and Cook on their sea voyages. We discuss, amongst others, Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, the flight of the Wright brothers and space exploration. This is a fascinating story of man's reach beyond his known world.

Until 23 September
Monday to Friday – 14:00(excluding 7 September)
Tuesday evening - 20:00 (& sky talk)
Saturday - 14:30
Sunday - 14:30

Suitable for teenagers & adults 

Living Inside the Cosmic Egg

On a clear night you cannot see forever, even with the most powerful telescope imaginable. The observable universe ends abruptly at an opaque wall, created by the conditions that followed the big bang beginning. That wall appears to surround us - forming the shell of a hollow sphere, with us at the centre - a Cosmic Egg that contains everything of our universe. Generally dark inside - at least to normal eyesight - it is populated with billions of galaxies, each a gigantic city of stars in itself, each star probably having its own solar system. 

25 September – 6 December
Monday to Friday – 14:00 (excluding 2, 30 November & 1-4 December)
Tuesday evening - 20:00 (& sky talk) (excluding 1 December)
Saturday - 14:30
Sunday - 14:30

Suitable for teenagers & adults



An astronomy course of 4 sessions

This is a basic astronomy course for all, covering topics such as identifying constellations, the movement of the Sun, the Earth’s wobble, black holes and much more.

Course: 7, 14, 21 & 28 October      
Time: 19:30 (until approx. 21:30)
Price: R300 (includes lecture notes, tea and certificate of attendance)   
Tickets are available at the Iziko S A Museum’s main entrance (open daily 10:00-17:00).

Please note that the Planetarium is closed for maintenance on the first Monday of the month (excluding school holidays)