Visitors get hands-on

  • Posted: Nov 25, 2013

On Heritage Day, 24 September 2013, Iziko Fossil Preparator, Zaituna Erasmus presented a hands-on workshop to demonstrate the skills involved in fossil preparation to museum visitors. Eager participants were given the opportunity to work on actual 250-million-year-old fossils, as they were carefully guided in uncovering these ancient reptile specimens. One of the visitors who attended the workshop commented on his experience on the day.

“It should please happen more often!! What an outstanding display it was and I was told it is being removed after the open day. No, it should remain – what an effort was made by the paleontological department!

So many people will have benefitted from yesterday’s open day. I saw busses bringing people from far away or who don’t have cars – so it was enjoyed by all race groups.

There was a great spirit outside the museum as well with all the happenings there. Good wishes for your efforts.”

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