Tinnda Tin DÊ DÊ

  • Posted: Aug 28, 2014

Iziko South African National Gallery Annexe, 26 August until 17 September 2014

Tinnda Tin DÊ DÊ  is a collaborative, site responsive exhibition by contemporary artists, Bernardo Ramalho and Jarbas Lopesfrom the Brazilian Gallery, A Gentil Carioca. On display at the Iziko South African National Gallery Annexe, the exhibition features a diverse collection of drawings, volumes and installations created from a range of materials.

Experience art in action at Tinnda Tin DÊ DÊ. Many of the installations will be produced in the gallery space, and will include elements of chance and improvisation. Curated by Márcio Botner, the exhibitionis a celebration of Brazil’s National Day on 7 September.

“Jarbas Lopes and Bernardo Ramalho together is the purest celebration of love, art, friendship and life! Art is a celebration!The meeting of different generations and the thought of changing each other, the community, the neighbourhood with books, words, hugs and art, is part of everyday life for these artists and friends. The art of Jarbas and Bernardo can change your thinking. It can change your day. Perhaps your life – simply with love.From Rio to South Africa; for the union of the continents that had always embraced the roots of its history!” says Márcio Botner, exhibition curator.

Bernardo Ramalho is a visual artist from Niterói in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2007, he graduated in painting from the Museum of Inga, Niterói. His works are characterised by an exuberant aesthetic, focusing on human attributes and constructs, such as affection, religion, faith and memory. His artworks have included paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations such as upbeat, colourful lounge facilities. Bernardo has shown extensively in Rio de Janeiro, Portugal and France.

Jarbas Lopes was born in Nova Iguaçu, Brazil. He has a BFA Sculpture from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Jarbas is known for public-spirited, collaborative projects that combine utopian and pragmatic aspirations. His artworks have included a conceptual proposal for an aerial bike path, titled Cicloviaeria, and a related set of bicycles made from woven rattan. Performative sculptures such as his cocoon-like sponge-and-clay "suits" evoke the Neo-Concrete movement of 1950s and 1960s Rio de Janeiro. He has shown at numerous museums, galleries and festivals in Latin America, and has appeared in several group exhibitions at New York galleries.

Tinnda Tin DÊ DÊ  has been made possible through funding by the Brazilian Consulate. 

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