Talking about Tapestries

  • Posted: Jul 16, 2011

Talking about Tapestries & other Rorke's Drift artworks

'Art from Rorke's Drift', currently on view at Iziko South African National Gallery, highlights the vital role played by this art centre for black artists during the mid-1960s, when Apartheid and the denial of black rights was at its height.

On Sunday, 5 August at 10:30, curator Joe Dolby conducts a walkabout of the exhibition, with particular focus on three newly-acquired tapestries which illustrate the importance of weaving at the Centre.

Also on show are works by John Muafangejo, Azaria Mbatha, Vuminkosi Zulu, Vincent Baloyi and Selby Kunene.

Hosted by Friends of South African National Gallery, the event costs R40 for Friends and R50 for guests, including hot drinks and cake at the Gallery Café. Enquiries: Lizzie 021 467 4662/0 (Tues-Thur 10:00-14:00).

The exhibition runs until 21 October.

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