Lloyd Pollak on Post-Impressionism - probing beneath the surface

  • Posted: Jul 5, 2011

Lloyd Pollak on Post-Impressionism - probing beneath the surface

Following an enthusiastic response to his earlier lecture series, art lecturer and historian, Lloyd Pollak, will present an informative new four-part lecture series on Post-Impressionism. Hosted by Friends of the South African National Gallery, lectures take place at 17:30 over four Wednesday evenings at Iziko South African Museum. Entry is R40 per lecture or R120 per series for Friends, or R50 per lecture and R160 per series for guests. The following famous artists will come under the spotlight:
25 July: Paul Cézanne, founding father of modern art who aimed to transform Impressionism into "something solid and enduring".

1 August: Paul Gauguin whose iconic painting "Where do we come from: Who are we? Where are we going?" typifies the artist's obsession with the mysteries of Man's destiny and myth, magic, ritual and religion.

15 August: Vincent van Gogh: Described as the epitome of the misunderstood genius, romanticised tales about this troubled artist are legion. So mythologised have these stories become that the reality is elusive. Pollak will attempt to defuse the myth and reveal the reality.

29 August: Georges Seurat, founder of Neo-Impressionism and an artist of extreme intellectual rigour. Typified by subtlety, delicacy and nuance, Seurat's work depicts the loneliness of metropolitan life.

Enquiries: Lizzie on 021 467 4662/0 or sangfriends@iziko.org.za.

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