Imagining Beauty – Imagining Ourselves A Weekend Dialogue

  • Posted: Feb 21, 2011

A Weekend Dialogue at the Iziko South African National Gallery
Saturday the 26th of February from 9h00 – 16h00

The Iziko South African National Gallery presents a dialogue event relating to the exhibition “Imagining Beauty: Body Adornment”, curated by Carol Kaufmann. Invited speakers range from international curators to local design personalities. The topics they address will revive old and new currencies pertaining to the imagined and actual notions of adornment and beauty.

This programme will Imagine Beauty conceptually by looking at historical overviews and current trends, and will lead us to Imagine Ourselves in new ways inspired by the art of adorning the body. “In unusual and entertaining ways, we will explore the meaning of adornment in Africa, and South Africa in particular, as it relates to style, glamour, recycling, and traditional and urban contexts.” Annette Loubser, Iziko Education and Public Programmes, Senior Art Educator.

Highlights include curator Christopher Till’s and designer Anna Richerby’s selection of What is Precious and Valuable in South African Material Culture, as well as discussions about modern Dutch design and fashion installations from “Salon 1,” taking place in Cape Town this month, with insights into contemporary South African fashion from Zavick aka Supadog and Palesa Mokubung of Mantsho clothing.

The event is bound to confirm that Africa’s tradition to adorn continues in a rich and diverse manner. Please RSVP to Iziko EPP Senior Art Educator Annette Loubser at 021 481 3961, or e-mail

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