Winter fun for kids at Iziko

  • Posted: Jun 28, 2011

Past and continuing

An exhibition making programme began on Saturday 11 June dealing with the theme of stereotyping and restoring memories using the photographic exhibitions of :

The Indian in Drum Magazine In The 1950sand Ranjith Kally: Through the Lens of Durban's Veteran Photographer.

The programme deals with interpreting local stories and exploring some photographic techniques in order to produce a restored memory for a final exhibition which is scheduled to begin from Saturday  30 July 2011 – 6 August 2011.  Four nominated learners from Cravenby Secondary School and Rylands High School have attended and the last workshop included the facilitation by our famous, George Hallett who has expressed great enthusiasm for the progress that these young cadet documentary photographers are displaying.

George Hallett, the photographic professional, with the young cub photographers from Cravenby Secondary school and Rylands High School during their photography practice workshop at the annex
Shaaheen Sonday, Mumeebah Osma, Shakeelah Adams and Rishka Allie discussing photography with cotnemporary photographer, Hussan Essop at ISANG


A past children’s’ workshop was conducted by the Zonneblom Childrens’ Art Centre in the atrium which used Tretchikoff: The Peoples’ Painter exhibition as a source for art making.

Making drawings from Tretchkoff’s painting of the Chinese Lady
Producing a portrait made by Tretchikoff


Some other current Winter Holiday Programmes 

Make an orchid for Tretchikoff 

Join magical Cait Turner in a fun workshop on Saturday 2nd July 2011 from 9am - 1pm at the Annex. Booking is essential and the fee is R50.00 

Meet the wonderful character costume maker and prop artist who just loves making, designing and teaching young people to make beautiful flowers and similar things
Vladmir Tretchikoff hated picking flowers. Instead, learn how to make your own beautiful orchid using paper and have a chance to compare your orchid with those which are currently on exhibition


You can also think about joining us by: Painting your own portrait over two days from 9h00 – 13h00 on 

Session 1: Mon 4 – Tues 5 July

Session 2: Thurs 7 – Fri 8 July 2011

using Tretchikoff as a source of study. These workshops are free and they are aimed for young people aged 11 to 15 years

Kathy Coates

Another event is for the same age group where young people will learn how to pproduce your own verbal story based on experiencing Tretchikoff’s paintings that are closely associated to Cape Town as well as meeting local flower sellers and hearing some of their stories. This fund day is on Saturday 9 July 2011 and it takes place in the annex from 9h00 – 13h00. Briony Bristow ,the renowned story teller and inventor of the impossible will take you through your paces to produce unbelievable prose! This event is also free.

To add to this list of some of our magical and impossible education activities, join Kathy Coates and Sthembele Harmans at the Vangate Mall in Athlone on Saturday 30 July 2011 from 9h00 – 13h00 for a fun filled family day where Tretchikoff portraits can be coloured in using neon colours or make fun collages.

And, there will be a chance for educators to meet the guest curator, Andrew Lamprecht on Monday the 27 June 2011 at 10h00 who will describe his curatorial experience with a walkabout of the current Tretchikoff: The Peoples Painter exhibition at the ISANG which will provide valuable resources to design a FET learning programme for your own teaching purposes using the new CAPS learning programme design template provided by a WCED visual art and design subject advisor.

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