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Wonderful world of wasp’s

  • Aug 23, 2011

A presentation by Iziko Museums, Curator of Entomology, Dr. Simon Van Noort, will precede the opening of the exhibition, ‘Wonderful world of wasps’ at the Iziko South African Museum on 27 August 2011. The exhibition, based on his research, includes over 100 photographs illustrating the spectacular diversity of form, colour and biology present in this group of ecologically and economically important insects.


Sounds and Silences of a San Archive

  • Aug 19, 2011

Iziko Social History presents, ‘Sounds and Silences of a San Archive,’ an exhibition at the Iziko Bertram House in celebration of the centenary of Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd’s landmark publication “Specimens of Bushman folklore”.


Siliva Zulu at the Iziko Slave Lodge

  • Jul 22, 2011

Siliva Zulu,’ an exhibition of black and white photographs taken by controversial Italian anthropologist Lidio Cipriani (1892-1962) will open at the Iziko Slave Lodge from 15 August 2011 until 30 April 2012.  

Exhibition Closing: ‘Ghoema & Glitter: New Year Carnival in Cape Town

  • Jul 22, 2011

The nagtroepe (Malay choirs), christmas bands and klopse are an inherent Cape tradition. The exhibition ‘Ghoema & Glitter: New Year Carnival in Cape Town,’ at the Iziko Good Hope Gallery, Castle of Good Hope, concludes on 31 July 2011. 


The universe as an egg

  • Jul 18, 2011

On a clear night, can one really see forever? Apparently not, according to the new Iziko Planetarium show "Living inside the cosmic egg" which opens on 1 August and runs until year-end. The show describes an opaque 'wall' which surrounds the observable universe. Within the confines of this wall exist billions of galaxies, each galaxy a gigantic city of stars, each star probably having its own solar system.


Talking about Tapestries

  • Jul 16, 2011

'Art from Rorke's Drift', currently on view at Iziko South African National Gallery, highlights the vital role played by this art centre for black artists during the mid-1960s, when Apartheid and the denial of black rights was at its height.

Deliverance - discussion on Mountain Rescue

  • Jul 11, 2011

On Tuesday, 31 July at 19:00, you can come face-to-face with the hazards of mountain rescue when Dr Rik de Decker presents a discussion on this altruistic pursuit. Rik, a medical doctor who "plays in the mountains" is often to be found in his favourite habitat, not only playing, but "helping others who have gotten themselves into trouble in the mountains".

Palaeontologist reveals real forces behind climate change

  • Jul 11, 2011

More than just a modern-day problem, climate change is an ongoing, natural phenomenon. Discover more about the climatic effects of interacting natural forces when palaeontologist, Dr Roger Smith, of Iziko Museums, discusses "The fossil record of climate change" on Monday, 30 July at 18:00 at the Iziko South African Museum.

Night at the Museum’ comes to Iziko

  • Jul 11, 2011

See museum exhibits come to life at the Iziko South African Museum when a free film screening of “Night at the Museum” takes place in the TH Barry Lecture Theatre on Friday, 20 July, at 13:00. The story follows the high jinks of museum displays, including a waxwork Attila the Hun and a playful two-ton Tyrannosaurus Rex, who come to life and give museum guard Larry; already somewhat down and out – a wild run-around. The event forms part of Iziko Museums' Winter Public Programme.

Walk the bustling Bo-Kaap

  • Jul 10, 2011

Faried Basier, of Iziko Museums, conducts one of his popular walkabouts of the Bo-Kaap area on Saturday, 28 July from 09:30-12:30. Presented as part of Iziko's Winter Public Programme, the walkabout focuses on architecture, including the oldest mosque, as well as noteworthy sites such as the first house and farmhouse in Bo-Kaap, Schotscheskloof Flats and the Tana Baru, the Cape's oldest Muslim graveyard and final resting place of some of the founders of the Cape's Islamic community.

Free wine-tasting at divine De Grendel Estate

  • Jul 9, 2011

Visit the picturesque De Grendel Estate in Tygerberg and enjoy a restorative day of wine-tasting, tranquillity and Mother City views.  Hosted by the Friends of the Michaelis Collection, the wine-tasting event takes place at noon on 27 July and is free of charge. Numbers are limited and early booking is essential.

Lloyd Pollak on Post-Impressionism - probing beneath the surface

  • Jul 5, 2011

Following an enthusiastic response to his earlier lecture series, art lecturer and historian, Lloyd Pollak, will present an informative new four-part lecture series on Post-Impressionism. Hosted by Friends of the South African National Gallery, lectures take place at 17:30 over four Wednesday evenings at Iziko South African Museum. Entry is R40 per lecture or R120 per series for Friends, or R50 per lecture and R160 per series for guests