Public Programmes

Museums wield the potential to serve as platforms from which cultural exchange, awareness and enrichment can be facilitated in order to promote tolerance and understanding. The Public Programmes offered at Iziko encourage inclusionary discussion; inter-generational dialogues, as well as provide insight to our diverse and dynamic cultural, natural and artistic heritage.  The programmes provide an opportunity for members of the public to participate in events and activities that are meaningful, relevant and educational.

Iziko Museums of South Africa offer *FREE entry to selected museums (*excluding Groot Constantia, Castle of Good Hope and Planetarium) on certain commemorative days. Through the Commemorative Day Free Entrance, Iziko provides families, communities and individuals, the opportunity to explore and experience our museums, our spaces, and offerings. We utilize commemorative events to create a space of engagement, wonder and surprise for diverse audiences.

Entrance to selected Iziko Museums is *FREE on the following Commemorative Days:

Commemorative Days


Human Rights Day

March 21st

Freedom Day

April 27th

International Museum Day  

May 18th

Africa Day

May 25th

Youth Day

June 16th

National Women’s Day

August 9th

Heritage week

September 17th – 24th

Emancipation Day

December 1st

World Aids Day

December 1st

Reconciliation Day

     December 16th

 *excludes Free Entry to Groot Constantia, Castle of Good Hope and Planetarium and Digital Dome.

Annually, the Iziko Planetarium and Digital Dome offers half price entry on International Museum Day( 18 May) as well as Heritage Day (24 September).

Annually, Groot Constantia and the Castle of Good Hope offer Free Entrance only on Heritage Day, 24 September.

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