Colonial Archaeology

Iziko has as part of its collections an extensive collection of artefacts from several sites in and around Cape Town. Colonial archaeological collections presently consist of artefacts and faunal material of the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. The items include ceramics, glass, building materials, clay tobacco pipes, metals, shells, bones, stone tools and miscellaneous finds (e.g. scissors, coins, shells, beads, buckles, tools, nails, pins, handles, gunflints, marbles, and buttons). Most of these collections were generated in the past by previous archaeologists employed by the museum.

Some of the collections like that from the Slave Lodge excavations, will be analysed in the near future. Another target for the Colonial Archaeology section is the compilation of conservation plans and policies for the historic sites under the Iziko banner including The Slave Lodge, Groot Constantia, Bo-Kaap Museum, Koopmans De Wet House and Bertram House.