Windows on War - Russian posters from World War II

  • Location: South African National Gallery
  • From: November 24, 2011     To: April 8, 2012
Windows on War - Russian posters from World War II
M. Cheremnykh (1890-1962). TASS WINDOW No. 1112. A Resounding Success, (6 December 1944).Text: Nina Cheremnykh (Dates unknown).

This exhibition of TASS WINDOWS posters provides a vivid picture of the course of the Second World War from the perspective of the Soviet Union. It shows in graphic detail the early years of resistance and survival, the Siege of Leningrad between 1941 and 1944, and the Battle of Stalingrad from 1942 to 1943. It demonstrates the change of the tide of the War in favour of the Soviet Union and, finally, victory, symbolised by the capture of Berlin in 1945.

There is also a display of commercially printed posters published during the Second World War in the Soviet Union, and a display showing the supportive relationship between the Soviet Union and South Africa from 1941 to 19450 – a relationship that ended dramatically with the coming to power of the National Party in 1948.

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