Uncontained the Community Arts Project Archive

  • Location: South African National Gallery
  • From: October 1, 2012     To: April 12, 2013
Uncontained the Community Arts Project Archive
Robert Siwangaza, Unemployment, 1987. Linocut. 42 x 30 cm. Collection: Centre for Humanities Research, UWC

The title of the exhibition refers to the opening of a collection of artworks which has largely lain dormant in the storerooms of the Community Art Project and Arts and Media Access Centre, and the re-activation of the archive from neglect by mainstream cultural history.

Most of the prints on exhibition are from the turbulent 1980s, the decade marked in history as the final push against apartheid. Many of these are visualisations of the anti-apartheid struggle, and were made, not simply as personal expressions, but as interventions to create awareness about people’s resolve to overcome their oppression and dehumanisation.

The exhibition, however, is not limited to narratives of resistance and issues of politics as it presents a broad array of subjects and concerns. As such, the show provides an open-ended and complex narratives about human experience, imagination, and social and personal relations in the world of apartheid and in its aftermaths.


Andrea Lewis

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