The Sasol Wax Art Award 2007

  • Location: South African National Gallery
  • From: June 11, 2007     To: June 9, 2008
The Sasol Wax Art Award 2007

The prestigious Sasol Wax Art Award is aimed at established professional artists who are required to use this material as part of their process, medium or concept for their works.

The award for 2007 went to Walter Oltmann for a metal cast installation, using the lost wax method. Choosing to title his work ‘Unearthing’, Oltmann observes that this, “underpins the notion of uncovering or bringing to light by digging, searching or discovery. It reflects the post-Apartheid era impulse to uncover our history. The hands with dowsing tools suggests practices associated with finding water and settlements as much as digging and mining; as a means of survival, as well as exploiting the land for its riches and also denying access and agency to others”.

The 2007 Sasol Wax Art Award exhibition also includes the work of finalists Wayne Barker, Usha Seejarim, Andrew Verster and Sue Williamson. Barker’s investigations into the activities of bees have led to an installation that is, “a discovery of the possibility of healing with nature and ultimately, the whole of society”. Sue Williamson’s split screen video explores the secret world of waxing behind the beauty parlour door. A recreation of a bedroom and a bathroom in fragile wax paper, by Usha Seejarim, suggests a dream-like world and, “our own transience as human beings”, while Andrew Verster explores ritual and body markings in his powerful installation of suspended panels constructed from layers of tissue paper held together by wax.


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