Symbols of South African Cultures

  • From: September 24, 2014     To: March 31, 2015
Symbols of South African Cultures

Venue: Iziko SA National Gallery
24 September until March 2015

South Africa has a rich and diverse cultural history that goes back thousands of years. Throughout the years, different cultural groups have communicated their traditions, beliefs and social customs in a variety of forms such as religious objects, utensils, artefacts, clothing and accessories. Many of these have remained intact to tell their stories to this day.

On 20 September 2013, the South African Post Office issued a set of 10 stamps featuring some of these fascinating historical symbols.  These include the Blombos ochre and the earliest shell beads – artefacts drawn from Iziko’s Permanent Collections. On Heritage Day 2014, the series of 10 stamps and two commemorative envelopes will be showcased for the first time in Cape Town, along with the symbolic artefacts from Iziko’s Permanent Collections.

Symbols of South African Cultures is a Cape Town World Design Capital exhibition by Iziko Museums, the SA Philatelic Services and SA Post Office (#WDC538).

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