Sounds and Silences from a San Archive

  • Location: Bertram House
  • From: August 18, 2011     To: May 15, 2013
Sounds and Silences from a San Archive
Dorothea Bleek with rock painting copy by George Stow. University of Cape Town achive

Sound and Silences from a San Archive is an exhibition of Iziko Social History’s archive of /Xam and other San ethnography, artefacts, rare wax cylinder sound recordings, drawings, and memories collected by Wilhelm Bleek, Lucy Lloyd and especially Dorothea Bleek between 1856 and 1947 from their /Xam and other San teachers. This archive has revolutionised our understanding of San life past and present.

The exhibition matches ethnographic texts with artefacts to show how seemingly ‘ordinary’ objects can tell extra-ordinary stories about everyday life, belief, gender, childhood, storytelling, resistance and survival. Modern uses and abuses of San intellectual property and ownership of the past are also presented.

Dr. Sven Ouzman, Curator of Pre-Colonial Archaeology, Social History Department,
Iziko South African Museum, 
PO Box 61,  Cape Town,  8000,  
Republic of South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)21 481 3883 

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