Oceans of Life

  • Location: South African Museum
  • From: October 12, 2015     To: March 31, 2016
Oceans of Life
Turbulent Penguin Davide Gaglio, South African Robben Island, South Africa Amidst a turbulent sea, an African penguin struggles to return to shore after a long day of fishing. Canon 7D Mark II, Canon 100-400mm lens at F16 and 1/15s

BirdLife South Africa’s Oceans of Life photo exhibition highlights the beauty of the world beneath the waves, while forcing you to think about the impacts humans are having on the ocean.

The exhibition consists of the top forty images from the 2015 Oceans of Life Photographic Competition, showcasing a variety of sea life, including seabirds, marine mammals, fish and benthic organisms. Conservation messages will also be spread out around the exhibition; raising awareness and forcing us to think about the threats facing marine ecosystems.

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