My Naam is Februarie: Identities Rooted in Slavery

  • Location: Slave Lodge
  • From: October 21, 2016     To: March 31, 2017
My Naam is Februarie: Identities Rooted in Slavery

Iziko Museums of South Africa in partnership with Geometry Global

‘My naam is February: Identities Rooted in Slavery’ brings into memory the forgotten history of slavery, where even their names were stripped away and slaves were renamed by the month they arrived at the Cape of Good Hope.   This project, which consists of a Slave Calendar and Exhibition, uses the descendants of these slaves to tell their stories with audio and iconic images. The black and white images in the limited edition outsized calendar was taken by award winning, Cape T0wn photographer, David Prior. The purpose of the exhibition is not to showcase ‘The History of Slavery’ in South Africa, but to continue to drive awareness about a poignant part of our history that is all but forgotten.   It is aimed at enlightening the present generation with interesting historical events that has shaped our society.


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