Martyrs, Saints and Sell-outs

  • Location: William Fehr Collection at the Castle of Good Hope
  • From: September 7, 2013     To: October 11, 2013
Martyrs, Saints and Sell-outs
Rev. PJ Pearson standing amidst the aftermath of an attack by police on his congregation. Image courtesy of Zubeida Vallie, 1989

GoodHope Gallery, Castle of Good Hope

The Centre for Curating the Archive at the University of Cape Town presents the photographs of anti-apartheid photographers Benny Gool, Zubeida Vallie and Adil Bradlow. Curated by Dr Siona O’Connell, this exhibition asks us to consider bodies, places, systemic violence and injuries across the centuries, and compels us to think about the present and the future of this country.

The images, many of them taken on the Cape Flats, show well-known activists and politicians, such as Tony Yengeni, Trevor Manuel and Tokyo Sexwale, alongside thousands of nameless activists whose names and faces appear to have disappeared into history.


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