• Location: South African National Gallery
  • From: April 6, 2006     To: June 28, 2006

DIS-EASE, a new generation of video art from the Rijksakademie archives, is a video compilation screening that reflects on the power of the medium, as explored by some 27 artists of 17 different nationalities ranging in diversity from Brazil to Taiwan. The artists produced these works, for the most part, during residencies at the Rijksakademie in the Netherlands. The works carry explicit cultural overtones and idiosyncratic nuances that suggest the artists' origins. But what begins to reveal itself is how globalisation has permeated the very fabric of this so-called 'village'. Gathered under the title 'dis-ease', the videos in this exhibition investigate feelings of unease and disquiet. Durban-based artist and curator, Greg Streak, curated the exhibition on a visit to Amsterdam in early 2008.


Pam Warne
Tel: +27 (0)21 467 4660
Email: pwarne@iziko.org.za.

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