Dawid’s return

  • From: November 26, 2013     To: November 26, 2013
Dawid’s return

Speaker: Patricia Glyn – well-known eco adventurer, former radio and television personality and author
Topic: Dawid’s return

In 2011 Patricia Glyn set off for the Kalahari to find traces of a long-dead Bushman by the name of Makai Kruiper – a legendary mystic, hunter and healer who roamed ‘The Thirst Land’ a century ago.  At her side was Makai’s grandson, Dawid, a man as legendary as his forebear. Dawid was 76 years old and easily the most famous Bushman in South Africa, having featured in numerous films, documentaries, books and academic studies.

Patricia’s new talk is about what she witnessed on this trip: the fragments that remain in the Kalahari sand of a long-gone life,  the extraordinary memory and tracking skills that helped Dawid find his grandfather’s artifacts, some 100 years after they’d been buried and the secrets that have been handed down from son to son.

This is a story about just how much the Bushmen can teach us about respect for our natural resources and how to preserve them.  Patricia demonstrates how the ‘old’ Bushman attitudes hold the key to our environmental future.  She shows how little they consume, how much they value what they consume and how much they leave in place for their children’s children. But it’s also an amusing talk about a journey with a group of irreverent storytellers, free spirits, hilarious mimics and loving people.

Tuesday:   26 November 2013
Time:         19:00
Venue:       Iziko South African Museum, 25 Queen Victoria Street
Cost:          50 Rand

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