Astronomy of the Great Pyramid

  • Location: Planetarium and Digital Dome
  • From: June 27, 2011     To: July 22, 2011
Astronomy of the Great Pyramid


The pyramids of ancient Egypt were literally “stargates” - from where the spirits of dead pharaohs were believed to ascend to the stars. The largest of all pyramids - the Great Pyramid of Khufu - contains an elaborate system of shafts. At the time the pyramid was built, these were directed towards the most important stars in the sky. The planetarium, since it can be set back to ancient times, is the ideal device for demonstrating these alignments - and for exploring speculations.

Until 22 July!

Monday to Friday – 14:00 (excluding 6, 16, 20-24 June)

Tuesday evening - 20:00 (& sky talk) (excluding 21 June)
Saturday - 14:30
Sunday - 14:30
16 June – 14:30

Suitable for teenagers and adults.

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