2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition

  • Location: South African Museum
  • From: December 5, 2014     To: March 5, 2015
2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition

NHU Africa are pleased to announce that the 50th annual edition of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition will be coming back to Cape Town this December. Hosted by Iziko Museums of South Africa at the Iziko South African Museum in Cape Town, and owned by the Natural History Museum of London and BBC Worldwide, the exhibition is sponsored in South Africa by National Geographic Channels and will feature 100 breathtaking images of nature in its most astonishing forms.

From humble beginnings in 1965 with just 361 entries, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition has grown into a global phenomenon with almost 42 000 entries from 96 countries around the world. The grainy analogue film photos of yesteryear have transformed into incredible high resolution digital colour images and technological advancement has allowed wildlife photographers to explore further, higher and deeper into the natural world than ever before.

National Geographic Channels will be sponsoring the exhibition says, "It's been a fantastic experience partnering with this initiative for the second year. As part of the National Geographic Society, National Geographic Channels contributes to the preservation of the wildlife thanks to breakthrough series and documentaries dedicated to show the immense diversity of nature around the world. But not only on TV. We also want to take part in initiatives to connect our audience with the values of nature and this exhibition is a perfect example, a true celebration of wildlife from some of the greatest work from around the world. Seeing the immense talent that has come through has been nothing short of spectacular as all the finalists have showcased their amazing work in wildlife photography. Congratulations and best of luck to all!”

Dr Hamish Robertson, Director of Natural History at the museum says: "The Wildlife Photographer of the Year has become a very popular exhibition in the Iziko South African Museum calendar. The wildlife photographs on display are the world's best and they have the power to change the way we see our world through evoking wonder, respect and concern. This special 50th Anniversary exhibition promises to be the best ever".  

The 50th anniversary of the exhibition is sure to be a visual feast of epic proportions, with 17 categories including an exciting new category; the Special Award for Best Time-Lapse. This category will be represented in the exhibition as a video as time-lapse photography is a combination of many consecutive still images taken over the course of a specific timeframe and ‘sewn’ together for viewing.  The photographer requires a lot of skill to artfully extract the best time-lapse sequence as the light and condition changes over time.

Other categories in the exhibition include; Mammals, Birds, Amphibians and Reptiles, Plants and Fungi, Underwater Species, Earth’s Environments, Black and White, Natural Design, World in Our Hands, Wildlife Photojournalist, Rising Star Portfolio Award, Portfolio Award, Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the Overall WinnerWildlife Photographer of the Year. These categories will include 100 images in total displayed on specialized transparency prints that are backlit, making them even more striking.

*In addition to the normal entrance fee, a nominal surcharge of R15 for adults; and R7.50 for children, students and pensioners), will be included for access to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition area.

For further information contact Christopher Mason at NHU Africa on Tel: 021 422 0023, or visithttp://www.nhuafrica.com

Alternatively, contact Lee-Shay Collison at Iziko Museums of South Africa on Tel: 021 481 3891 or email:lcollison@iziko.org.za, or visit www.iziko.org.za

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